Addison Lee: Premium Car Service, Low Price

Amongst the flood of new ride hailing taxi services in London, it might be easy to overlook one obvious option. Addison Lee are a London based minicab company who have been providing a ride hailing to the big players for quite a while now. In fact, Addison Lee were around long before Uber dominated the London taxi app scene.

You will have no doubt noticed these cars around, and you’ve probably also spotted they offer a courier service too. For the purposes of this article, we’ll just be focusing on their London based taxi service.

So, what is Addison Lee, and is this an app you should have on your phone?

Addison Lee vs other ride hailing apps?

Although Addison Lee offer a very similar app to services like Uber and Bolt, and they do provide on demand ride hailing in London, they have not had the same impact on consumers as the better known rivals. This could be unfair as, in fact, Addison Lee do provide quality vehicles at a price point that is similar to Uber.

In fact, Addison Lee has a few advantages over Uber. For a start, there is no surge pricing, so the price you see is the price you get.

Currently Addison Lee vehicles are also all equipped with WiFi, making your ride even smoother (especially if you’re running low on data this month). Oh, and they also provide complimentary phone chargers in all their cars so you can even top up your juice on your way out.

And, for those who like to plan in advance, Addison Lee offer booking up to three months in advance. So, if you need a confirmed taxi pick up in the future, Addison Lee will probably be your best option.

If you’re hailing a ride, Addison Lee does have less cars on the road than the other services, but they claim an average ten minute waiting time for a cab. Not bad, considering even Uber takes longer than that sometimes…

Premium car service?

With the rise of Uber, Addison Lee focused mainly on the premium side of the ride hailing game. But, that’s not to say their prices are higher. In fact, you’ll often find Addison Lee to be a comparable option to the other minicab apps in London, especially during peak (surge) times.

Addison Lee also offer a business account service, as well as a rewards and incentives program, ClubLee. Signup is free, and the more you ride with Addison Lee, you’ll earn things like priority pickups, discounts off fares, and exclusive deals with partners.

Ford Galaxy (6 passenger seats & plenty of luggage space)

All of the cars used by Addison Lee are either late models of Ford Galaxy or Mercedes. In fact, they claim the largest fleet of both, although this may be due to the way they lease their cars to drivers. By contrast, Uber do not own any of their vehicles, so there are probably more Uber cars than Addison Lee, technically.

However, that’s a moot point. If you’re after a premium ride hailing or minicab service in London, then Addison Lee are a very solid choice.

The reputation as a premium ride hailing service is known in London. In fact, there is even a tune by Grime star Not3s called ‘Addison Lee’ – which you can check out below. He does a good job of selling the service actually, although he does drop a sneaky line saying that Uber is cheaper…

If you’ve not used Addison Lee before then we do recommend giving them a go. You can download the app and sign up here and get and £10 off your first app booking. Click here for Android and here for Iphone using our code ADDLEE10 for a £10 discount off your first ride.


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