Burger King: King of The Food Apps ?

Burger King came into existence in 1953 after the founder was inspired by McDonalds. Quite obviously, the two giants are quite similar to each other when it comes to the products they offer.

Burger King gained popularity steadily throughout the years even though the market was getting saturated. Why? Most say it is because of the taste while the critical thinkers say it is because they knew how to market themselves in the right manner.

The experience that any app offers starts right away with the download and Burger King has got it perfect. It barely takes you a minute to get yourself set up and order your food because all they need from you is your name and email while other apps require payment details and a few of them also need you to sign up for a rewards program. The ‘getting-started’ process is seamless and and the app requires very low storage.

Find Your Nearest Restuarant

As you are done setting up, you are already to start ordering your food from your nearest Burger King. The app will tell you the nearest restaurant based on your current location to either dine-in, take away or drive-thru. A feature making it very convenient for users to get their fast food even faster.

View BK Menu

Not a regular at BK ? a new customer or don’t know what to order? No worries, the app lets you view the full menu that Burger King has to offer. With all the details at hand, you can figure your what going to have way before you order

Access Exclusive App Coupons

There is exclusive offers section where you can find deals you just won’t get at the restaurant without the app. Simply open the desired coupon when you get to the counter or the at the drive-thru speaker and give the member of staff your coupon code to get cheap meals and items off the menu.


Delivery Options

Since all the food Burger King has to offer is pretty standardised. Hence, the nutritional value of even a custom meal is presented in its truest values. If you are big on knowing what your dietary intake is.

Compared to other apps on the market, the user reviews for this app have been excellent. The user interface is rather friendly and even the technology behind the app is foolproof.

All in all, this is a great app with no glitches and offers a great dining experience. Burger King seems to have really invested time and money in developing a simple yet highly functional application. 




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