CityMapper App and Pass: Should You Use It?

If you’re in London, either as a visitor or resident, the CityMapper app is an absolute essential. CityMapper also use London as the testing ground for lots of cool experiments, and one of these is the CityMapper pass.

Released in early 2019, the pass acts as a subscription service for all the transport options in London. And, if you’ve ever tried to get from Hammersmith to Peckham, you’ll know it can be mighty tricky, with lots of options.

In this post we’ll look at the CityMapper app and the pass to see if you should use them.

CityMapper: The App

The CityMapper app has become an indispensable addition to any Londoners smartphone. It aggregates all the transport options available and gives you all the options to get from point A to point B. This can include anything from walking or cycling, using a mixture of buses and tube, or even showing you the price of an Uber or a black cab.

The app uses GPS to locate you, so you just need to put in your destination. It will then show all the available options, including the estimated cost.

Is it perfect? Not quite. Sometimes it misses options, or sends you slightly around the houses, especially if you’re going to a public transport blackspot.

But, for daily use, especially if you find yourself with a cancelled train or needing to find an alternative route, it is an essential app.

As a plus point, CityMapper has expanded to include a lot of the world’s major cities. So, if you find yourself in Boston, Shanghai, Seoul or Milan (39 cities and counting at the moment) you’ll be able to get around using CityMapper there too.


CityMapper: The Pass

Currently only available in London, the CityMapper pass makes paying for all the transport in London easy. As a prepaid MasterCard, starting at £31 per week for unlimited travel in zones 1 & 2, it works out cheaper than buying a weekly Oyster Card. You can also use it pay as you go in zones beyond zone 2.

There is also the ‘Super Duper’ pass, for £39 per week, which also includes access to the Santander Bike Hire scheme, £10 credit towards either black cabs or the Kapten minicab app.

CityMapper are also promising to make more services available on the Pass soon, so watch this space.

The card links to the CityMapper app and charges you the subscription from your bank account weekly. You can also pause your subscription, but you will still pay £2 a week for having the card. However, you can cancel at any time without penalty.

Is it worth it?

Well, if you travel a lot in the city and use multiple forms of transport, definitely. If you don’t have an annual Oyster, or you are never sure how much you’re spending with your contactless card on transport, try the CityMapper Pass and see how much it could save you.

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