Elmovo: Electric Scooter Rental for Delivery Riders

Thinking of becoming a delivery rider for one of the food delivery apps? Perhaps it’s an option but you don’t have your own scooter or bike to be a Deliveroo rider? In this post we’ll look at an interesting option and ask if this is the best scooter for food delivery professionals…

Food delivery services such as Deliveroo and UberEats have grown massively in recent years. In fact, in the UK it’s estimated there are 45,000 deliveries every day with Deliveroo alone. Being a rider for one of these food delivery services has become an attractive option, allowing riders to choose their hours and work whenever they like. However, you’ll need a moped or bike for all those delivery orders

Enter Elmovo. Offering moped leasing for professional delivery drivers, if you want to be a delivery rider in London then this could be the option you’re looking for. So, what is it and how does this scooter rental service work?

What is Elmovo?

Electric mopeds are a very efficient way to get around and Elmovo are one of the first companies to offer on demand electric scooter rentals in London. The catch is, it’s only for delivery riders, such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Just Eats.

Being electric, these mopeds have very low emissions and, with a fully charged battery, you can get a solid shift riding with no need to fill up with fuel.

Currently, you’ll need to pick up your Elmovo electric scooter from one of their four rental locations in Marylebone, Battersea, Swiss Cottage and Bethnal Green. All, except Swiss Cottage, offer 24/7 electric scooter rental.

Elmovo scooters come equipped with boxes for you to store your delivery and are available for the following rental periods:

● 3 hours
● 6 hours
● 15 hours
● 1 week

How do I sign up for Elmovo?

To access the Elmovo electric scooter rental service, you’ll need to download their app and complete your profile. You’ll need to be over 21 and have a CBT licence to complete the registration.

Once you’ve been accepted for a moped leasing account, you’ll need to book in an on-boarding session at their Bethnal Green centre, which only takes around 15 minutes. Once that’s all done, you’re good to go!
Is an Elmovo scooter cheaper than a normal scooter?

Running your own vehicle can be costly, especially if you need to fix it or you have other problems. An electric scooter rental in London with Elmovo means you can get the freedom to work and ride when you want, but without the need to shell out for maintenance, fuel and insurance. Yup, insurance is included.

Their headline rate for moped leasing in London works out at around £1.84 per hour, but by our estimation it works out better than that.

For 3 hours, their price is currently £7 (£2.33 per hour) or £5.73 (£1.91 per hour), which is actually pretty good. When renting a scooter for 15 hours, the price works out at £22 (£1.41per hour) or £18 (£1.20 per hour).

Elmovo also offers scooter rental at £79 per week, which works out at £11.28 per day for 7 days. If you want to hold onto the scooter for the week, then this might be preferable to returning it to their centres at the end of each shift.

The higher prices are from Marylebone and Bethnal Green, and the lower price is if you rent a scooter from Swiss Cottage or Battersea.

Considering that this includes fuel and insurance, we think that this offers great value for those delivery drivers looking for an affordable option to get them started as a delivery driver in London.

This likely works out slightly more expensive than owning your own scooter; but you have less responsibility to maintain it, fill it with fuel, insure it and secure it when not in use.

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Ready to be an Uber Eats or Deliveroo bike rider? We think Elmovo gives you a great option to maximise your delivery rider income, after all, you can do more deliveries with a scooter compared to with a cycle bike.

If you want to take advantage of the great prices and the efficient electric scooter rental, download the Elmovo app.


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Summary: Elmovo could be a game changer for those who want to be Deliveroo or Uber Eats riders but don’t have the wheels. Affordable, flexible and user friendly, if you need a Deliveroo bike rental in London, check them out. An interesting business model that could be worth watching in the long run, especially with the surge in demand for home food delivery. We’re always interested to know your experience with any apps or services we review, so get in touch if you’ve used Elmovo before...

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