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They’re an icon of London, and one of the most genuinely British experiences for visitors to the capital. But despite many Londoners preferring the modern approach to ride hailing, the black cab is still a popular choice. With their popular taxi app, Gett brings hailing a Hackney Carriage in London into the 21st century, wherever you are in the city.

With the huge choice of ride hailing apps, you might wonder why you would want to hail a black cab in London. After all, they’re notoriously expensive, which is exactly why ride hailing services like Uber have proved so popular.

Is Gett taxi an app worth having on your phone? And how does it work?

What is Gett?

The company behind Gett, previously known as Get Taxi, are an Israeli based company who actually provide business services worldwide. In London, Gett has been available since 2011, a year before Uber rolled out, making them one of the original taxi apps.

Gett’s USP is that they provide only Transport for London (TfL) licensed cabs on demand. It’s not just London taxis either, with Gett offering taxi hailing services in cities across the UK and internationally.

It’s not just black cabs either. Gett offers a range of business services, including chauffeur and limousine services in most of their markets. Gett also offer a very competitively priced Delivery Courier Service here in London.


Is Gett just for business?

Although the primary market is business users, Gett is available for anyone who wants to hail a black cab. You simply download the app, order your black cab and you’re charged at the end of your ride, the same as any other ride hailing app.

The business angle comes from the fact that it lets companies, or individuals, sign up for a corporate account and pay on a monthly basis. With a Gett business account, you can also access data your travel, or that of your employees. Gett guarantee that business customers will be picked up within five minutes of hailing any cab, wherever you are.

It’s also easy to arrange airport transfers in cities where Gett is available, or to organise chauffeur services. So, for example, if you’re a PA, you can organise the travel plans of your team and know how much it’s going to cost up front. Any journey over 3 miles will have the price displayed in advance, so you won’t need to worry about racking up a big bill if you’re stuck in traffic.

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Why else should I use Gett?

As licensed black cabs, Gett taxis can use bus lanes (unlike other ride hailing services). Gett estimates that this can save around 30% of your travel time at rush hour or through busy parts of town.

Another key feature for Gett business users, and daily users, is their top quality customer service. While some ride hailing services can sometimes leave customers wanting, Gett is available 24/7 via the phone and the app.

So although you may pay less with the other ride hailing services currently available in London, there are some definite benefits to using a black cab. And, with Gett, it’s easier than ever to hail a taxi.

You may also want to consider the points below on why the Gett App is worth while.

Gett Courier Service

Ever needed to send something last minute, return something to a friend that they left at your house or send items you’ve just sold on eBay? Passing the parcel used to be a total hassle….


Gett Courier – the quickest way to send and receive parcels anywhere within London from only £6.

With parcel collection in under 20 minutes and direct delivery within an hour, Gett Courier starts at a flat fee of £6 if your pickup and destination are both within Zone 1. For addresses outside of Zone 1 and up to Zone 3, you’ll get a fixed price before booking when you enter your destination in the app.

Gett Courier is available For addresses inside Zone 1 and up to Zone 3 from 9am to 9pm daily and is up to 30% cheaper than other similar services.

Parcels must fit into a standard A4 box (25 x 25 x 35cm) and be no more than 5kg in weight.

You can track your parcel live in the app, plus the dedicated couriers only cover one job at a time ensuring the quickest and safest service.

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