How to Start Working as Delivery Rider for Deliveroo (Step by step guide)

Company History

Headquartered in London, Deliveroo was founded by two Americans in 2013. It is a food delivery app which makes it money by charging the customers as well as the restaurants a fee for their service. They have witnessed great success and now are present in over 200 major cities.



How to start working with Deliveroo

Starting your journey with Deliveroo has never been easier. To boost their app and also ease the efforts of their riders, they have streamlined the whole process to make it rather simple. Here is a step by step guide on how to start working them…


STEP 1: Go to your respective app store and download the Deliveroo app. It takes seconds since it is not a heavy application.

STEP 2: Now you have to sign up with some basic information. You will have to select a city you are most comfortable working with and schedule a meet with an employee so that they can evaluate you.

STEP 3: Fill in your details like name, email, some other peripheral details and also your choice of ride, i.e., car, scooter or a bike. Since Deliveroo treats their riders more like employees and not contractors hence they require other personal information like date of birth, postcode, rights to work and criminal offence information.

STEP 4: After you have scheduled a Deliveroo interview, Deliveroo will send you a message with the details of everything you need to bring for the interview. 


STEP 5: Deliveroo requires you to learn from a few safety videos. This is mandatory. There is no quiz at the end of the video but this is a great initiative by them to promote road safety.

STEP 6: This step involves finding a suitable date and booking an onboarding session. A Deliveroo member will go through your background and do all the necessary checks. You can then order your kit which is given for free to every Deliveroo rider.

STEP 7: Now you will have to go to the onboarding session with ID proofs (carry two for safety and only original documents), proof that you have the right to work in the UK and also a proof of address. Do not forget your phone. The Deliveroo rider will guide you through some other details of working with them.

STEP 8: Simply wait for your kit to arrive and you are set to ride with them.

In eight simple steps, you can get yourself onboard with Deliveroo and start earning. So what is the wait for? There are coupon codes floating around as well so that you can get a discount.

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