How To Get An Uber at all London Airports

If you’re arriving into one of London’s many airports, sometimes you don’t want to mess around with public transport to get into the city. Uber is London’s most popular ride hailing app, with plenty of options for taxis from all of the city’s airports.

But, if you’re getting an Uber from a London airport, where do you meet your driver?

In this post we’ll take a look at the main pick up points for Uber passengers at the main London airports.

London Heathrow

The biggest airport in the UK, London Heathrow is a major arrival point for many international travellers to London and the UK. Arrivals from Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa all land in London Heathrow throughout the day.

If you’re meeting your Uber driver in London Heathrow, your pickup point will depend on your terminal.

  • Terminal 2: Short Stay Car Park. Level 1, row Q . wait for your driver in the covered area.
  • Terminal 3: Short Stay Car Park Level 3, row A. Wait near the lift area.
  • Terminal 4: Short Stay Car Park Car park, level 2 in the central aisle. Wait in the central lift lobby.
  • Terminal 5: Short Stay Car Park. Level 1, row A or F. Wait within the central lift lobby.

London Gatwick

London’s second largest airport, Gatwick is based around 35 miles south of the city, between London and Brighton. Gatwick is served by airlines and destinations across the world. As well as budget airlines serving European destinations, you may also arrive here from the Americas, the Caribbean, Asia and North Africa.

There are two terminals at London Gatwick, North and South. The two Uber pickup points at Gatwick Airport are:

  • North Terminal: Car Park 6, Level 5
  • South Terminal: Orange Park, Level 3, Row B

Things to know about Gatwick

London Stanstead

London’s third biggest airport, and one of it’s fastest growing, Stansted is situated in Essex, around 50 miles from central London. It is served mostly by budget airlines serving European destinations, but there is a growing selection of long haul flights from the Americas and Asia starting to use London Stansted.

Pickups for Uber at Stansted airport are from the Orange Car Park, row G.

London Luton

Luton, a small city around 28 miles to the north west of London, is home to one of the main hubs for EasyJet in the UK. London Luton Airport serves mostly European destinations and budget airlines such as WizzAir and Ryanair.

There is only one terminal and Uber pickups from London Luton airport will be in front of the airport. However, the location can vary. Wait near the bus stops, which are centrally located, and await the notification from the Uber app.

London City

The most centrally located airport in London, City Airport is in the heart of London’s docklands with a very short transit time to the city area. Most flights to London City Airport are from European business destinations such as Zurich, Paris and Amsterdam. But there are a growing list of popular holiday destinations too.

The Uber pickup point at London City Airport will be at the front of the arrivals terminal. Wait outside and check the Uber app notifications.

London Southend

Recently rebranded as a ‘London’ airport, Southend is around 40 miles from central London. Most flights here are budget airlines from Europen destinations, mostly EasyJet or Ryanair.

In theory, Southend is not served by Uber, so there is no official drop off or pick up point. However, if you have managed to request an Uber from London Southend Airport, it will be from the pickup area outside the arrivals.

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