Just Eat: Summon Up your Favourite Takeaway

Before there was Deliveroo or Uber Eats, there was Just Eat. Not every restaurant offers delivery, or wants to handle the logistics of employing delivery drivers, so Just Eat first identified the idea that they could offer delivery services for restaurants.

Today, the market is a little more congested than when Just Eats started, with the well known competitors mentioned above. First established in Denmark in 2000, they have risen to become one of the best known names in the food delivery industry and have recently floated on the London stock exchange.

When it comes to Just Eat vs Deliveroo or Uber Eats, is there a reason why you should choose them instead?

Just Eat vs Deliveroo and Uber Eats

Bear in mind that Just Eats has a considerable head start. Having launched in 2001 in the UK, with Deliveroo being born in 2013 and Uber Eats arriving in 2016, they do have time on their side.

The upside of this is that Just Eats has a much bigger selection of restaurants across the UK on their app. Deliveroo and Uber Eats are currently focused on certain cities, and definitely don’t yet have the coverage that Just Eats has.

In 2019, the figures for each company looked like this:

  • Just Eats – 30,000
  • Deliveroo – 16,500
  • UberEats – 7,500

It’s worth noting that Deliveroo and UberEats are going for the restaurant experience, which is bringing you restaurant quality food to your home. Just Eat is more focused on the more traditional takeaway; think Chinese, Indian and fish and chips. But, increasingly their offering is more ‘restauranty’.

You’re more likely to use Just Eats outside of London (where Deliveroo has begun to take a firm grip). In fact, the UK as a whole is heavily dominated by Just Eats.

How does Just Eats work?

You can access Just Eats from both a web browser on your computer, or via their app. Both options are very simple to use, with a great search function and easy checkout.

Simply visit the site (no registration required), browse or search restaurants in your area, by cuisine type or location. You then add your chosen dishes to your basket, add your contact details and check out when you’re ready.

Payment can be completed via bank card or PayPal and you do receive notifications about the progress of your order while you’re waiting.

If you’re wondering which service is better, then actually there is very little between them. Many delivery drivers respond to jobs on multiple apps, so there shouldn’t be an issue with unavailable drivers (unless it’s very busy where you are).

If you’re looking for a greater choice, or you’re looking to order from your local Chinese or Indian takeaway, these are more likely to be on Just Eat. For that gourmet burger from the pop up market down the road, you’re better off with Deliveroo.

Try Just Eats for yourself. Sign up using this link and pop in the promo code **** for a [discount off your first order/free delivery].

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