My McDonald’s App: Are We Lovin’ It?

Love them or hate them, McDonald’s are definitely one of the most cutting edge of the food giants. They pioneered the whole fast food concept, their restaurants have all had a 21st century makeover, and these days you don’t really need to queue for your Big Mac fix. SO how about the McDonald’s mobile app?

Well, as you might expect, McDonald’s are bringing the A game to the fast food mobile app world. If you’re a fan of the Golden Arches, there are lots of reasons to get their app on your phone.

Even Faster Food

Probably the main reason anyone will get the McDonald’s app on their phone is to order and pay for their food. In a rush to get to get to the cinema, but really want a Big Mac before you go in?

With the app, you can order your food at your choice of restaurant and pay online. Once you arrive at the restaurant (or in the area), you check in via the app and your food is prepared and is ready for collection shortly after.

In fact, you can order food to be delivered to your table in the restaurant if you need, with the option of Table Service. Plus, you can use this service at McDonald’s drive through restaurants too. If you’ve ever used the terminals in the restaurants, you’ll know how efficient the system is these days, and this is nothing different.

It’s literally as easy as…

  • Download the app and add your payment details
  • Choose your meal(s) and customise as you require
  • Pay for your order
  • Check in at the restaurant when you arrive (you’ll be notified when you’re close by) and wait for your number to be called
  • Collect, or the food delivered to your table with table service

Customise Your Food

Rewards and benefits

Of course, one of the key selling points of the McDonald’s mobile app is of course being able to accumulate rewards and getting access to special deals. As an example, at the time of writing (January 2020) there is currently a promo until the 26th January 2020. This includes meals for 99p and free McDonald’s food too…

These are all exclusive deals to users of the McDonald’s mobile app, so if you’re reading this in January 2020, go download it now! In fact, even if you miss out on these deals, there will be plenty of reasons to get the app on your phone, as McDonald’s are promising lots of great deals to come, including free burgers and drinks.

Users of the McCafe Rewards will still be able to accumulate their points towards free drinks and snacks with McDonald’s.

Hygiene of Self Order Screens

McDonald’s self-order screens are becoming a more popular way to pay than the cashier, McDonald’s staff do clean them frequently throughout the day with a sanitiser solution. However, bacteria can be found on a lot of them.  Some bacteria found on the touch screens may have health risks, 

( The touch screens inside a McDonald’s are no more concerning than a door knob) but using the My Mcdonald’s App may stop you using a contaminated screen. Of course you washed your hands but did the person that used the screen before you ?

We are loving it here at Private Hire and, if you’re a fan of Maccas, we think you will too. Check out the McDonald’s mobile app here.

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