No Excuses: Flexible Gym Membership with Hussle

The model for gym membership has quite a few variants, but they don’t always offer a particularly flexible membership model. From being tied to one gym, or only being able to access at certain times, if you’re trying to keep in shape, sometimes it can be a hinderance.

If you’re looking for a quality flexible gym membership, Hussle could be your answer. The best known of the flexible gym membership plans, such as The Gym Group, Pure Gym or Easy Gym are more often of the no-frills variety. Great if you just want the equipment and weights, not so good if you’re a fan of classes, the pool and the whole gym experience.

So how does Hussle work? And is it worth signing up?

What is Hussle?

The plan with Hussle is that you sign up for a flexible gym membership that can be used at thousands of gyms across the UK. You can choose from either a monthly subscription or pay as you go, with options for one, five or ten passes.

Hussle also offer their Monthly+ subscription, which is what gives you access to the other gyms. This is normally more expensive than paying for one month at a specific gym, but does give you access to up to around 2000 other gyms nationally.

The pay as you go gym membership also offers an affordable way to check out some of the more prestigious gyms in the city without breaking your bank account.

Whichever model you choose, Hussle claim that all of the passes are cheaper than getting them directly from the gym itself.


How much does Hussle cost?

The price point actually varies, depending on your choice of ‘home gym’. For example, you can choose a cheaper gym and either pay for access only to that location, or more flexible gym access.

I put this to the test and looked for a gym in central London, settling on the Bannatyne at Tower 42, near Bank station. On Hussle, their day pass is £18, but on the Bannatyne site itself, it’s £20. So far, a £2 saving.

How about for a full month?

In the same gym, it was either £90 for a month with Bannatyne directly, or £110 with Hussle. OK, yes it is more expensive. But, as this is the Monthly+ option, this gives access to 1900 other gyms across the UK as well as your home gym.

Bear in mind, this is just an example and looking at other gyms came up with cheaper plans. In fact, by choosing another gym I could get monthly access for as little as £10.50 at a local sports centre (with access to 7 other locations), or for around £20 at a less prestigious gym (with access to around 750 other gyms). And of course, the sky is the limit…

Do I need multi gym membership?

Admittedly, multi gym membership isn’t for everyone, with many of us happily being creatures of habit. But, if you find yourself often wishing your gym access was a little more flexible, you could benefit from a Hussle gym membership.

For example, if you regularly travel for work, or you have a gym that you pay for in a particular part of the city that can be tricky to get to on days off. Hussle might just save you money on your gym membership and allow you flexible access to some other great gyms too.

So, that might mean no more excuses!

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