Ola: A New Ride Hailing App for London in 2020

With Uber having held the monopoly on ride hailing apps in London, 2019 has seen a wave of new contenders. Ola is a ride hailing service that has actually already been operating in the UK since 2018.Currently, you can hitch a ride with an Ola in South Wales, Liverpool, Bristol and Birmingham, among other places.

Ola was due to go live in London in September 2019, so what do you need to know about this latest Uber competitor to arrive in the capital?

What is Ola?

Ola are an Indian ride hailing company, with their HQ in Bangalore and with offices around India. In their home country, they also offer food delivery services and vehicle hire as well as ride hailing and taxis.

Beyond India, Ola offer ride hailing in Australia and New Zealand and have been making good progress in the UK market.

One of their marketing points in the UK was launching with auto-rickshaws on the streets of Liverpool. These distinctive three wheelers are popular in Asia and other parts of the world, but a relative novelty in the UK. Although it made for good marketing, Ola are not offering ride hailing in auto rickshaws in the UK as yet…

Driving for Ola

If you’ve been thinking of signing up to be a ride hailing driver, your options before would have included just one company: Uber.

However, that is now changing and more ride hailing companies are coveting drivers in London and the UK. Ola claim that they will pay one of the most competitive rates to their drivers, taking just between 10-15% of the total fare.

Compare that to Uber’s 20-25% and you can see that new drivers could be very tempted to sign up for Ola instead!

If you’ve been thinking about signing up for Ola, you can take a look at their driver registration page here.

Is Ola available in London?

Although Ola have their licence to launch in London, as of November 2019 they haven’t yet launched their service and are due to roll out the service sometime in January 2020.

However, they are expecting to offer prices that will comfortably beat market leader Uber and even challenge the other ride hailing apps such as Kapten and Bolt.

To incentive drivers to sign up they are offering )% until February 2020

We’ll keep you informed about the launch date for Ola. If you’ve been thinking about signing up for Ola, you can take a look at their driver registration page here or clicking the banner below and use or

Launching on 10th February 2020

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