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When it comes to innovating with public transport, London has a track record of clever new ideas. Slide Ealing is one of those innovative travel solutions that London does so well. It’s an on demand minibus service, offering fixed price ride hailing within the Ealing and Southall area.

Backed by Transport for London and MOIA, which is a mobility service and subsidiary of Volkswagen, Slide is currently being run as a 12 month trial. The coverage is only in the Borough of Ealing at the moment, and anyone can use it to travel within the catchment area.

So, why would you use Slide Ealing and what exactly is it?

What is Slide Ealing?

Slide is an on demand ride hailing minivan service for the Borough of Ealing. If you live the specific catchment area then you can use either the app or a phone number to arrange a pickup to take you to anywhere else within the area.

The service is operated by London Sovereign who are a bus operator, working with TfL. What this means is you’ll have the peace of mind that the drivers are professionally trained and have been licensed accordingly by TfL.

When you hail a ride with Slide, you’ll be in a ten man minibus and likely with other passengers. It’s not a door to door service, so when you hail a Slide, you may need to walk to the pick up point. You may also need to walk a short distance to your final destination at the other end, but Slide estimates that your pick up and drop offs should be no more than 300 yards from your location.

How does Slide charge?

Passengers wishing to travel within the Ealing area can download the app or call for a pickup. It’s a fixed fare of £3.50 for the first passenger, and £2 for each additional passenger in a party. Payment can only be made via the app or a registered bank card.

Those with freedom passes can register their card with Slide and travel for free. Currently there are no discounts with Zip, Over 60 or Student Oyster cards. Children under 5 also travel for free, and children between the ages of 5-13 are counted as full fare paying passengers.

Can I use my TfL Oyster or contactless card on Slide Ealing?

Slide Ealing is not integrated with the TfL Oyster card system as it is only a 12-month trial and Oyster and Contactless capping are not available. You can pay using your Visa or Mastercard through the app.

If you are a regular Slide Ealing customer, you can benefit from a daily, weekly, or monthly cap.

Accessibility with Slide

Travellers with limited mobility, such as those with wheelchairs can use the service of course. You’ll need to specify that you have a wheelchair or other limited mobility issues when booking so that the driver can ensure that your requirements are accommodated.

If you’re travelling with a baby or toddler and you need a booster seat or child seat, you’ll need to bring your own as Slide do not provide them.

What else do I need to know about Slide Ealing?

Like most other ride hailing apps, you’ll be able to track the arrival of your ride. The registration of the vehicle will be displayed, as will the expected arrival time and the name of the driver.

You will also be able to see your travel history in the app and leave feedback for the driver after the ride.

If you live in the Ealing area, it could be very useful to check out Slide Ealing. Let us know what you think of the service, or if you think it’s a good idea, by dropping a comment below.

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