No Queues & Bonus Points: Using OpenTable in London


Still queuing to get into a restaurant in London? That’s so 2014! You don’t need to queue to access most of London’s best restaurants, just book your place with the OpenTable app.

OK, we know that sometimes on a night out you just want to find somewhere to eat and you don’t have a reservation. This is where the OpenTable restaurant booking app comes in very handy. Booking a table online isn’t a new phenomenon, but the user friendly features of OpenTable are what makes it an essential download for the Londoner about town.

However, that’s not all. OpenTable also offers some very clever benefits for regular users of the app. The bonus points scheme could change the way you book a table online using this great restaurant booking app.

Need Food. NOW!

It’s dinner time and London seems to be full to the brim of people who thought ahead and booked their tables in advance. Now you’ve got four people who are all expecting you to find a place to eat because you know Soho like the back of your hand. But who has time to queue when you’re that hungry?

If you need to find a restaurant near you that has a free table, the OpenTable restaurant booking app could be the life saver you need.

Search in your area for available time slots. Filter by cuisine, restaurant types, price bracket and specific areas.

OpenTable is mostly about quality restaurants, so don’t expect to find a greasy spoon or your nearest Nandos. But, if you’re looking for a proper restaurant experience and you need to book a table at the last minute (or in advance), OpenTable is excellent.

OpenTable Bonus Points

Now here is the clever bit… OpenTable also offer bonus points that you can collect from selected restaurants. Once you’ve accumulated a set amount of points (above 3,000) you redeem them for meals at some of the best restaurants in London.

Not all restaurants are signed up to OpenTable bonus points, and some may not redeem them at busy times. But, if you’re regularly eating out in London then it can be a very useful way to get something back.

Some of the London restaurants who accept OpenTable bonus points include:

  • Hawksmoor
  • Yauatcha
  • Gordon Ramsey Bar & Grill
  • Fishworks
  • Old Compton Brasserie
  • The Ivy Brasserie

As you can see, these aren’t spit and sawdust kinds of places, but some of the finest London dining establishments.

How to redeem OpenTable Bonus Points

Once you’ve accumulated points, you can redeem them by creating a bonus voucher using OpenTable. You’ll need to make the voucher from a laptop or desktop computer as the app currently doesn’t support redeeming points.

When you login to your OpenTable profile, you’ll be able to see how many points you’ve earned. Simply choose how many points you’d like to put towards a meal, and redeem the voucher.

You can then download the voucher, or print it off, and use it within 12 months at any participating restaurant.

Download the OpenTable App

The voucher can also be redeemed online, by making a reservation from the OpenTable website.

If you’re ready to start enjoying some of the best food in London, and earning bonus points for free food, sign up for OpenTable via our link below.

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