Turo: The ‘Airbnb of Car Hire’ in London

Renting a car in London or the UK has long had a few alternatives beyond the established firms. Companies like EasyCar and ZipCar have offered peer to peer car hire for years, but a new option, Turo, aims to make this market even more competitive.

While the previously mentioned car hire apps have focused mainly on hourly car rental, Turo is looking to be more like the Airbnb of car hire. What this means is the possibility to hire the cars of people who have listed their car on Turo for a very competitive rate.

But is Turo really better or cheaper than the alternative car hire services? And how does it work with insurance, mileage and insurance?

How does Turo work?

Turo allows you to search for people who have listed their car to hire in your area using either their app or the website. These can be either private individuals, or small companies, in much the same way that Airbnb operates.

You will need to open an account, verify your details and upload your driving licence before being able to rent a car on Turo.

You search by your date, find the car you want, with options to filter everything from price to deluxe cars, and reserve your car in much the same way as any other online search. You can also search for features such as child seats, pet friendly cars or convertible models.


Is Turo cheaper than normal car hire?

If you’ve ever hired a car through a traditional car hire company, you know how it can be a bit of a pain. Deposits can be huge, prices are often much higher than advertised and they’re always trying to upsell premium insurances. Add in limited mileage, especially with UK car hire, and it’s obvious that there is space for a competitor.

The cars listed on Turo are usually much cheaper than those listed on car hire sites like Enterprise, Avis or Hertz. And, when you go to book them, the price you saw is the price you pay. You do need to pay a deposit, which varies from vehicle to vehicle, but typically you’re looking at a fraction of the price of normal car hire companies. For example, big car hire companies often want to block off anything up to £1200 on your credit card. Turo typically takes a deposit of around £250. For premium vehicles, it can be much more.

What are the advantages of Turo?

Besides being cheaper, Turo has a few other points over the established car hire companies.

  • Delivery: Some cars can be delivered to your home
  • Unique models: You don’t just get a generic modern rental car. You could find a real slick whip with Turo
  • Unlock from the app: The Turo Go app features cars which can be unlocked from the app. Making it much easier than picking up the keys from an obscure industrial estate
  • Share your car: Got a car but rarely use it? List it on Turo and you could make money on it!

Where can I find a Turo car rental?

As an American company, Turo is widely available stateside. They also have a strong presence in Canada, but have only just arrived in the UK and Europe, with a worldwide rollout currently taking place.

There are currently options for car hire all over London and the whole country, so if you’re thinking of getting out of town for a few days, take a Turo for a test drive.

If you’re travelling, you might also find Turo car hire in places like Berlin,

If you’re looking for an affordable car rental service in London or the UK, you should 100% give Turo a try. Chances are you’ll never use a ‘normal’ car rental company again!

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