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UK Grocery Delivery Apps & The Corona Lockdown

The convenience of having your grocery shopping delivered to your home is a service that has grown rapidly. Today, almost all of the UK’s supermarkets offer home delivery via their websites or app, with some using third party partners instead.

Although the supermarket home delivery sector in the UK is a well oiled machine, the 2020 coronavirus outbreak has most definitely tested the capacity. In fact, at time of writing (March 2020), most supermarket home delivery slots are booked out for the foreseeable future.

But, here at Private Hire we’re all about knowing you about the best options for online services. So, we’re going to take a look at the best features of each of the supermarket home delivery apps and let you know which one you need on your phone.

All of the apps reviewed are available for both iOS and Android.


The biggest supermarket in the UK offers a nice and user friendly home delivery app, The Tesco Groceries App. As you’d expect, you can browse by category, special offers and even add favourites to make it easier to find them in future. The app also has a ‘Usuals’ section, where it remembers the items you usually buy. And, a fairly standard feature for supermarket delivery apps, the ‘search’ option allows you to scan barcodes to add items to your basket.

Once you’ve booked your delivery slot you also have the option to add your delivery time to your calendar so you don’t forget when it’s due. The app also features a store locator to help you find your nearest Tesco brand.


One gripe is that adding your Tesco clubcard seems to be strangely cumbersome. I had to do it through the desktop website in the end, which synced to my Tesco app. I also couldn’t see how many points I had on my clubcard through the app, but this is because I think they want you to download a seperate app.

Rating: 7/10 – Very easy to use, but slightly Tesco Basics

Tesco has yet to announce new delivery rules since the Cronavirus Lockdown, however, slots are not available until April 13 with shoppers unable to book beyond then.



Browsing the range on the Asda app is actually a better experience than the Tesco app. Categories just seemed to be better organised as well as nice and visual. There are similarities including a ‘Favourites’ tab and a store locator.

Some nice touches to the Asda home delivery app are the ‘Recipes’ feature. You can find a recipe you like, the app tells you how much it will cost to make and adds all the ingredients to your trolley. And, of course, if you already have items in your store cupboard, you can remove them. The app also makes it easier to add eVouchers to your shop, so you can redeem those discounts easily.

Asda also had some useful info regarding how the coronavirus lockdown was affecting their delivery times. Overall, I preferred the look and feel and navigation of the Asda home delivery app to Tesco.

Rating: 9/10  – Some nice extra features

 March is sold out for delivery slots, with no option to book yet in April.



When it comes to their app, Morrisons have kept it pretty simple.with he Morrisons Groceries App There are very few bells and whistles on the Morrisons Groceries app. When opening the app, you’re greeted with an option to browse the range, view offers and view your favourites.

Navigation around the range of products is fine, nothing to report really. But, if you just want your home delivery app to do what it’s supposed to do, this is a decent functional supermarket home delivery app.

Rating: 6/10 – It works, but no frills

Morrisons has turned off their app  on attempting to access the app the message reads: “Due to the current high demand we are facing, we have unfortunately made the decision to turn off the app temporarily.  

Morrisons has announced it is recruiting 2,500 pickers and drivers to increase its home delivery service.



The Sainsbury’s Groceries app sits somewhere between the Asda and Tesco apps for functionality. It’s nice and simple, with an uncluttered home screen, but it’s easy to view things like special offers and seasonal promotions.

There are recipes featured at the bottom of the app, but clicking on them redirects you to Sainsbury’s recipe website. So, no integration in the app, although the website does give you the same options to add items to your shopping basket with the average cost per serving.

I couldn’t find any options to add those vouchers, like on the Asda app. Nectar cards need to be linked to your Sainsbury’s account on the desktop website, or in the Nectar app, which is, of course, separate. Some other features that are missing are a store locator and a scan barcode to add to your basket.

The Sainsbury’s app also features a simple information banner, which when clicked takes you to the website. All in all, a decent option as a grocery home delivery app from Sainsbury’s.

Rating: 7/10 – Some features missing, but a decent app

It is not possible for new customers to sign up for Sainsbury’s delivery currently.  On attempting to do so customers will see the message: “Due to the huge increase in online orders, we’re pausing new registrations for the time being.


Bargain supermarket Aldi offer the Aldi UK home delivery app, that is a little bit different from what I was expecting. After you’ve downloaded the app, it asks for some information about you, such as your gender and the types of products you’re interested in. There are no food items mentioned in this (apart from booze).

The Aldi UK app actually doesn’t offer food home delivery, but does allow you to buy wine and spirits, and also to buy the home or clothing items that they sell in-store. And, adding to that, it’s not the full range either, but selected items. The app tells you what special offers there are for food, but only that you need to go to your nearest Aldi shop to buy them.

With this in mind, there is a store locator which is decent. But overall, as a home grocery delivery app, this isn’t what you’re looking for.

Rating: 5/10 – The app, for what it is, is decent. But no option for food deliveries.



As one of the UK’s premier home delivery services for groceries, I was looking forward to checking out the Ocado app. However… Having downloaded it and going to log in, I was greeted with a message that the app had been closed down due to the high demand caused by the coronavirus outbreak. So, no review for Ocado now! Sorry.

Rating: N/A


You would probably expect the Waitrose & Partners grocery delivery app to look like a premium product, and you would be right. In general though, it’s mostly quite similar to the rest of the supermarket home delivery apps on this list. The search category is nicely illustrated, and includes easy access to offers. The main category list includes the obvious options like bakery, fresh and chilled and household goods, but also includes options like ‘Meals for the Week’ which is mostly ingredients and ready meals. It’s also quite easy to see special categories like vegan, gluten free and healthy options.

Besides that, the app features the favourites feature and an easy option to choose a delivery slot. However, at the time of writing, like almost every other supermarket home delivery app, there are no slots available.

Rating: 7/10 – Nice looking site, easy to navigate, but not much in the way of bells and whistles


The world’s biggest retailer, Amazon is of course big in the home grocery deliveries game. Their Amazon Fresh brand is found inside the Amazon app, simply look in the menu under ‘Shop by Department’ and you’ll see Amazon Fresh as an option.

However, it isn’t available across the UK yet, with deliveries limited to the Greater London and South East areas for now. So, if you’re in the UK’s South East, how does it rate?

For fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy and meat, it’s actually pretty decent, with a good selection. A six pack of tomatoes shows as 75p, and a pack of 6 butchers style sausages are £2. Pretty much the same as most major supermarkets.

One of the great things about Amazon is the way you can source obscure items and, with their purchase of Whole Foods, you’ll easily find items for vegetarians and vegans. It’s not the cheapest option for this kind of stuff, by a long shot, but if you need specific supplies it’s a decent option.

If you’re not in an Amazon Fresh catchment area, the Amazon Prime brand  does offer delivery of a lot of different food stuffs that aren’t fresh, so you can still browse food items wherever you are. You can get your free 2 hour or next day delivery.

Rating: 8.5/10 – great selection and prices but points docked for not offering UK wide delivery with the Amazon Fresh service.

Amazon are delivering grocery and other products during the Crona Lockdown in the UK.

The best UK grocery home delivery app?

In this test, we found the Asda home delivery app to be the best option. However, they all offer good functionality, and even Amazon is a good option wherever you live, even if you can’t access Amazon Fresh.

Do you have a favourite supermarket home delivery app? Let us know in the comments…

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