What Are Lime Bikes And How Do They Work?


If you live or work in the London you will likely have seen these lime green bikes either whizzing past you or parked in a corner. But what are Lime Bikes? And how easy are they to use in London?

After the PR disaster of brands like MoBike and Ofo, it’s a surprise to see a new development in London’s dockless bike hire schemes. Lime Bikes are the latest dockless bike offering, but they are a little different.

In this post we’ll take a closer look at what is a Lime Bike, how much it costs and how easy they are to use.

What are Lime Bikes?

The latest phenomenon in dockless bike hire, the Lime Bike is actually an ebike. What this means is that when you pedal, your pedal power is given a little extra assistance from the electric motor.

This isn’t the same as a motorbike, as the motor doesn’t drive the bike. You still need to pedal, but the electric motor takes the strain and makes cycling long distances or up hills a little easier. Perfect if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly commute that won’t have you sweating!

Lime Bikes only have one gear, and are pay per minute. And, as they are dockless, you can drop them anywhere once you arrive at your destination (but be considerate and leave them somewhere where they won’t get in the way!!).


How do you use Lime Bikes in London?

First of all, download the Lime app. You will then be able to locate your closest Lime Bike, or, if you can already see one, approach it and open the app.

Each Lime Bike has a QR code which can be scanned using the Lime app.

It costs £1 to unlock the bike and then costs 15p per minute after that. This means, for an hour of riding a Lime Bike you’ll pay £9 plus the unlock, bringing an hour with a Lime Bike to £10 in total.


To ride a Lime Bike, you simply turn the pedals exactly as you would with a normal bike. However, you’ll likely notice the assistance from the motor in the form of a little boost whenever you turn the pedals.

How powerful are Lime Bikes?

By UK law, electric bikes can only offer assistance up to 15 mph. So, the motor only offers assistance up to this speed. Anything over this and you’ll just be using your own pedal power as usual.

The reason to use Lime Bikes are that they take the strain on long distances, or when cycling up hill. You’ll avoid breaking a sweat (no need to change your shirt when you get to work) and if you’re not as fit as you used to be, you’ll find the Lime Bikes a great way to get around London.

Safety with a Lime Bike

Lime recommends using a helmet for each ride, although there are not provided. You should also avoid riding on pavements or pedestrianised areas as the motor does offer an extra boost of power.

But, Lime Bikes are great fun and if you haven’t tried one yet, we highly recommend it. Sign up for Lime Bikes today and enjoy a different cycling experience in London.

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