What is Kapten? And is it Better Than Uber?


London’s ride hailing scene has been dominated by Uber in recent years. But French ride hailing app, Kapten has arrived and is looking to challenge for the crown. But, is Kapten better than Uber? And what are the differences between Uber and Kapten?

Kapten launched in London in early 2019, hoping to give Uber a run for its money. And, with all the bad publicity that Uber have had over the years, Kapten could offer an alternative for some people. But when it comes to Kapten vs Uber, is there really any competition?

In this blog we’ll take a look at this new ride hailing app for London and explain what makes Kapten different to that already well established competitor.



Kapten: A ride hailing app with a difference?

When Kapten launched in London, they did so by highlighting some of the deficiencies of their competitor, Uber, and even edging into their market with some old school tactics.

First, Kapten offer cheaper rides compared to Uber. In fact, Kapten say that a ride in one of their taxis is at least £2 cheaper than the competitor.

But, one key difference that Kapten is hoping to highlight is that they pay their local taxes. It’s long been well known that many of Silicon Valley’s finest exports do all they can to avoid paying their fair share of local tax.

In fact Kapten launched an ad campaign highlighting that they will be paying their VAT. Which, in turn, means that they’ll be supporting the UK economy, the NHS and the other services that paying your taxes supports.

Already that’s one in the eye for Uber.


What is Kapten’s USP?

Besides paying their taxes, Kapten have a few other unique selling points. First up, the exact price per ride is highlighted before you flag down your taxi. So, no surprises at the end. You pay exactly what the app says you will…

The more you use Kapten, the more benefits you’ll accumulate, including free rides and discounts. Of course, Uber does offer discounts too, but only when you sign up other users via your personalised promo codes.

In fact, the more you use Kapten, you earn a higher level of loyalty rewards. And for each £1 spent, you can accumulate points that go towards rides, and you can earn an amplified reward for referrals.

So, that’s another point for Kapten in the battle with Uber.

Is Kapten as good as Uber?

With ‘that other’ taxi firm long established in London, can Kapten compete? Can it really provide a service that will steal people away from them? Will you really get a Kapten home next time you’re out on a Saturday night?

Although some reports have suggested that the cars used by Kapten aren’t as nice as Uber, most reports suggest they are the same or better. They also have a good customer service support team and the app is also as user friendly as the other well known brand.

The best way to find out if Kapten is as good as Uber is to use their service and find out for yourself. Sign up for Kapten and enjoy a free ride **** using this promo code


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