What is Simply Cook? And is it Worth Doing?

Anyone passing through a London tube station will no doubt have had a Simply Cook flyer handed to them. But what exactly is Simply Cook? And is it worth trying out?

In a city like London, where there is so much incredible food to hand, you might not instantly think that a food based subscription service would be worth doing. Eating out all the time can be very costly, and finding time to cook delicious and healthy meals every day isn’t easy. Especially if you have a busy lifestyle, as most Londoners do!

So, is Simply Food just another food package subscription service?

What is Simply Cook?

Unlike some other food boxes, which supply all the ingredients for you, Simply Cook keeps it simple. For £9.99 per week, you receive a parcel which fits through your letterbox (no need to be in or to sign for delivery) which contains a few deceptively simple components.

  • Four recipes
  • Four packets of herbs and spices
  • A shopping list

Is that all? Well, yes it is, but bear with me here.

What Simply Cook does is tell you exactly how to make delicious dishes from scratch using their spice selection. Each recipe box contain spices and recipes designed to serve between 2-4 people (you can choose), but you will need to get the ingredients yourself.

Every recipe is designed to be made within 20 minutes, with extremely clear and easy to follow instructions. The theory behind Simply Cook is that you’ll be able to learn how to make these new dishes and add them to your repertoire.

In fact, Simply Cook changes the recipes every week, so you’ll never get two the same!

How does Simply Cook work, and is it worth it?

You’ll get a free 7 day trial, and you can cancel before the subscription starts. But, if you choose to use Simply Cook, you simply pay £9.99 per week. You can then cancel any time you like with one weeks notice.


So is paying the best part of £40 a month for a recipe guide really worth it?

If you’re the sort of person who struggles to think of what to cook for dinner, or who has trouble following traditional recipe books, then Simply Cook might be what you’re looking for.

Although paying £9.99 per week might seem a little steep, especially considering you need to also get the food to cook, the point of Simply Cook isn’t just about the food. It’s about learning how to make delicious dishes from scratch and adding some new recipes to your home cooked menu.


If you like the service, you can keep it going for as long as you like. Or, if you prefer, cancel after just a few recipes if you feel like you’ve got the best out of it. As it’s designed for people with busy lives who want to cook great food, you might find that Simply Cook is worth it for you.

Level up your cooking skills and enjoy some new recipes. Sign up for Simply Cook clicking on one of the Simply

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