How much cheaper is Uber?

If you’ve never used Uber it can be shocking the price difference between them and a local cab firm. For example, in London, using an Uber is usually at least half the price, if not less than using a black taxi.

Take for example flagging down a black taxi to take you from Harrods to Selfridges on Oxford Street.

A traditional black taxi will cost anything from £15-25, depending on the traffic.

An Uber will cost around £7-10, again depending on the traffic. So, as you can see, in this example Uber is at least half the price of a black taxi.

Do I have to use the Uber app?

To order an Uber, yes, you do have to use the Uber app. But, someone else can order an Uber for you with their phone, or you can order an Uber for someone else.

Uber are currently experimenting with having terminals in popular areas in the USA, such as airports, to allow people to order an Uber without the app. But, for now in London, yes you need to use the app.