What is ViaVan & How Does it Work?

With all the ride hailing options in London at the moment, it can be pretty hard to keep up. ViaVan is ride hailing, but with a difference. The focus for ViaVan is on ride sharing, similar to an Uber pool.

You might have heard of ViaVan and wondered, how does that work? Is using a carpooling service really a viable option when you can have a private cab on your doorstep within ten minutes?

As a ride sharing app, there are some great reasons to have a choose ViaVan as your ride the next time you’re heading out (or coming home).

What is ViaVan?

A partnership between Mercedes-Benz and American vehicle sharing company Via, ViaVan actually started life in Kent in 2017, and is still operating there and in Liverpool under the name ArrivaClick. With successful introductions in Queenstown, New Zealand and Bremen and Berlin, Germany, ViaVan makes ride hailing a little different.

With ViaVan, you order your ride and tell them where you need collecting from. However, you may need to go to a different location (which will be close by) to catch your ride.

As the name suggests, ViaVan in London is a carpool service using minivans or premium cars, with multiple vehicles making constant journeys throughout the city. You can hail one going in your direction (via the app), join the ride and jump off when you get to your destination. In fact, ViaVan is not a door to door service, but a corner to corner service. It’s cheaper than using a private taxi, but with a slightly longer journey time as they’ll also pick up and drop off other riders on the way.

If you’ve travelled much you might have encountered this type of carpooling in the form of minibus taxis, which are actually quite common in the rest of the world. It means you’ll be sharing a ride with other people, and there may be a few stops before you get to your destination. But why would you choose a ViaVan over a ride hailing taxi service like Uber, Bolt or Kapten?


Why use ViaVan?



If you’re wondering about calling a taxi, using a ViaVan in London can make an interesting alternative. First of all, it’s more social. You’ll most likely be sharing your ViaVan with at least a few other people, although the amount of people depends on the model of minivan in service.


Cheaper rides


Another benefit of using ViaVan in London, and perhaps a decider for some, is the cost. Per person, it can be much cheaper than a normal ride hailing service. Rides start from just under £4 per person


Good for groups


If you’re travelling in a large group, it can be much easier getting all of you in a ViaVan instead of calling multiple taxis. As ViaVan use larger capacity vehicles, if available you’ll be able to get your whole party into one if you want to head to central for a night out.




Travelling with others in a carpool also offers a level of security that you don’t get when travelling alone in a normal ride hailing service. If you’re wary of drivers, perhaps as a single woman, then the other people in a ViaVan could offer you some peace of mind.


Flexible coverage


ViaVan’s run 24 hours a day throughout London, and can be a very useful way to get home after a night out. The service is limited to zones 1-5, but it does offer probably the cheapest ride hailing service in London. But, if available, you can also hire a private ride hailing service with ViaVan, as well as private taxis, although of course this will cost a little more than the carpool service.

How can I try out ViaVan?


Download the ViaVan app for iOS or Android and set up your account. When you’re next planning a journey around London, a ViaVan pooling service could be your new favourite ride hailing app.


It’s a great way to get around, especially when surge fares are making normal ride hailing apps expensive. It’s also meant to be as fast and convenient as any other ride hailing service. So if you’re looking for a sharing ride app in London, ViaVan is the best option right now.


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